Second hand / Used

sales conditions

Fadel Art Reference One

XLR 1.5 meters. In superb condition.

Minimal usermarks. No box, no packaging. Asking: 475 euro.

Ayre K5X Evolution

Line Preamplifier. Very nice condition, minimal usermarks, but has a small dent at the rear. Dutch distributor 2008.

With manual, remote and powercord. Sounds surprisingly round and glowing, Truly nice preamp.

Serial # 10K0312. No box. Pickup preferred. Retail new: 3850 euro. Now: 1650 euro.

WLM Gran Viola MK III Signature

Makassar Ebony halfgloss finish. 2013. Nice condition. Serial No: GV-P/A 10049.

First and only owner. WLM dealer delivery. One of the very last examples. 98dB / 8Ohm.

Complete with shipping boxes, two types bassports (std and long) and Cardas jumpers.

Retail new: 15900 euro. 6250 euro.

Can be played in either active or passive mode.

La Platine armboard for the Kuzma Airline

African Ebony and Purpleheart. Retail new: 450 euro. Now: 350 euro.

An exact parallel is only possible through this solution.

Kimber Kable KS1016

Very nice condition, like new. This sample has the Russ Andrews Super Burn-in treatment.

1.0 meter Cinch. No box. Retail new: 1410 euro. Now: 600 euro.

Jorma Prime

Powercord Schuko EU. 1,75 meters. Very nice condition. Serial # 0797

Jorma = Peace of mind. Retail new: 4200 euro. Now: 1975.

Benz Micro Lukaschek PP-1

Condition like new. Without original packaging. Serial # INT1003

Retail new: 1960 euro. Now: 695 euro.

Sablon Audio Gran Corona

Schuko EU. Very nice condition. Retail new: 1250 euro. Now: 550 euro.


Nordost Quantum Qbase 8

Nice condition, with very light user marks. retail new: 1599 euro. Now: 875 euro.

Kimber KS1036 3.5 meter

Very nice condition like new. A true opportunity. This length is seldomly offered, if at all.

Serial # 6L6745. Actual retail new: 13640 euro. Now: 4950 euro.

HiFi-Tuning / Synergistic Research Fuses

HiFi-Tuning: T100mA 2x / T6.3A 2x SOLD / T10A 1x. Retail new: 35 euro. Now: 17,50 euro ea.

Synergistic Red: T12.5A 1x. Retail new: 90 euro. Now: 50 euro.

Crystal Ultra Powercord

2.0 meter Schuko EU. Nice condition. With iego 8095 CE15 and Furutech FiE35R.

Serail # CPU 0257. Retail new: 2650 euro. Now: 1199 euro.

Consensus Loudspeaker Feet

Complete set in nice condition. Some feet have a few spike puts.

This is a true opportunity! Seldomly offered, if at all.

Retail new: 1200 euro. Now: 600 euro.

Boulder interconnect XLR

1.0 meter 250 euro.

WLM Diva

Tineo / Indian apple finish, very nice condition. 95dB / 8Ohm. Pointsource.

Has the optional and most expensive Stand II Exclusive which have been professionally sprayed in pianoblack.

Serial # D-07077 Build of year presumably 2010. Retail new including Stand II Exclusive: 4100 euro.

With rust free steel spikes. No shipping boxes. Now: 1750 euro. Pickup preferred.

Jadis PA100

Very nice condition, first and only owner. Silver Edition. June 2014 Serial # 0012

150 Watts Class AB of which 30 Watts in A. Push Pull Ultralinear, Differential.

Comes with shipment box, manual and powercord. Retail new: 12000 euro. Now: 6750 6350 euro.

Virtual Dynamics Master Series 3.0

Cinch Interconnect 1.0 meters. With the superb Cardas Cinch connectors.

These are fairly stiff cables, but still nicely bendable to an acceptable radius.

Retail new: 2500 euro. Now: 700 euro.

Kondo KSL-LPz

As new. XLR 1.0 meters. Serial # 00875.

Complete with box and papers. Topclass interconnect from the Japanese soundmasters.

The XLR version is offered very seldomly. Retail new: 3790 euro. Now: 2150 euro.

Lyra Atlas

Ex demo sample from authorised Lyra dealer, expertly setup and less then 50 LP's played.

Serial # 0048. A great opportunity for the true Vinyl connoisseur.

Retail new: 9250 euro. Now 5750 euro.

NBS Statement

Schuko EU. 1.8 meters. This is a seldomly seen example with the flexible ends.

This is the original Magic Purple Statement. Complete with NBS pouch.

Very nice condition. Retail new: 2400 euro. Now: 875 euro 795 Euro.

Music First Baby Reference

Very nice condition. Delivery 2011. Serial # C63406.

Comes with remote volume. No box. Retail new: 8000 euro Now: 4250 euro.

Fadel Art The Goldline bi-wiring

Very nice condition. The soundboards are custom made.

No box. Serial # 190902-1A Retail new: 9999 euro. Now: 2500 euro.

DENON DP75 'Special Edition'

Nice condition. Year unknown. This DP75 has been mounted on a beautifull piece of natural stone.

The original dustcap is there, and in very nice condition. Comes with Audio Technica AT-1100 pickuparm and Denon DL160 Cart.

Has the Goldmund Relief Mat + RCA en XLR Phonolinks (as new).

The feet are handmade out of Aluminium and have a ball internally with a rubber O-ring underneath.

This is a special occasion to catch a unique Vintage turntable.

It comes straight out of actual playing situation. Cartridges can be serviced on beforehand.

No box, pickup preferred. Now: 1550 euro 975 euro.

Audio Technica AT-606 Insulator Feet

4 Pieces. New in box.Now: 75 euro 65 euro.

Goldkabel Edition Series MKII Black Edition

XLR 1.0 meters. As new. Without packaging. Retail new: 404 euro. Now: 200 euro.

Silver Plus Phono interconnect

Comes with the superb KLE Silver Cinch connectors. Length 0,9 meter Cinch. New.

Now: 200 150 euro.

Beauhorn Virtuoso Gold Reference

Cherry vineer. The visual condition is reasonable. There are some scratches, spots and dings to be found.

With some attention, sanding and laquering they could turn out very nice indeed.

Serial # 91001/91002. Delivery 2002. Lowther DX4 unit. 104 dB sensitivity and >9 Ohms !

The Lowther units have been fully overhauled by AudioTechnik GmbH in 2013 at a sum of 520 euro, invoice available.

The Gold Reference has the Vibraplinth as standard.

Retail new: 15000 euro. Now: 3750 euro. 2950 euro.

The Beauhorn may not be perfect in any audiophile sense, but it sure is a life changing event..

Audio Research REF150

Exceptional good condition. First and only owner with dedicated listening room.

230V CE. Supplied 2012 through official Dutch import. Serial # 11206008.

Fully complete with manual, powercord, screwdriver and all boxes.

Tubecounter shows original 129 hours! Retail new: 14500 euro. Now: 6950 euro. 6450 euro.

Virtual Dynamics Master Series 3.0

8 Feet / 2.4 meters Speakercable. Used but nice condition.

Retail new: 2700 euro Now: 999 euro 949 euro.

WLM Allegra Monoblock Poweramplifier

Very nice condition. 2009. Serial # 0092AL / 0093AL. Second owner. UL / Triode switchable.

Great sound. Stable and dependable impression. Quiet (potted) transformers, no noise, no hiss.

May be compared with the Manley NC250, But the WLM offers the very nice Ultra Linear option.

The WLM amplifiers are produced by Trafomatic, one of the best transformer specialists in EU.

Recently new set of TAD EL34 valves. Retail new: 9300 euro. Now: 3450 euro. 3250 euro.

Comes with original invoice, but no boxes, no manual. Preferably pick up.

Monarchy Audio SE-250

Monoblocks. Nice overall condition. Serial # 035409/410.

These have the PS-1 separate powersupply developed and made by Advanced Tube Technology USA.

Once in a while something special comes along, and the Monarchy sounds special indeed..

Stable, dependable and quiet. 230V EU. 50 Watts Class A bias. 250 Watts 8 ohms.

No shipment boxes. no manual, no original invoice. Pickup is preferred, but shipment is possible.

SE-250 Retail new : 5000 euro Now: 3750 euro. 3250 euro. including the ATT PS-1 powersupplies.

Marantz ST8

First owner. With light user marks and some small scratches at the wooden surface.

Front panel is 9/10, all functions work very well. 220 Volts EU.

With original invoice dated 09-09-1983, owners manual, specsheet and electrical schematic.

No box unfortunately. Technically 100%.

Nice condition, surely considering age. Asking 1250 euro.


NOS. Comes with original box and heavily plated superquality tubesockets.

Hard to find as true NOS, opposed to the QB5/1750.

Now as pair: 600 euro. As a quad: 1200 euro.

Classe Audio DR5 MM/MC

Nice condition, surely concerning age. Serial # 59290806

Great build quality. Original 220 Volts EU.

Year of build 1990. Plays superb, all functions ok.

No original box unfortunately, but comes with original owners manual.

Retail price unknown. Now: 1250 euro. 800 euro.

Callas CAPcord

1 example of 3.0 meters, 1 example of 1.0 meters length.

Nice condition. Now: 150 euro (3.0) and 75 euro (1.0)

Verdier Control B STD Powersupply

Retail new: 225 euro. Now: 100 euro.

JPS Labs Superconductor 1

Interconnect 1.5 meters Cinch. Nice condition. Complete with JPS package and leaflet.

Retail new: 559 euro. Now: 235 euro. 200 euro.

JPS Labs Superconductor Digital

Digital Interconnect 1.0 meters Cinch. Nice condition.

Retail new: 449 euro. Now: 180 euro. 150 euro.

JPS Labs Superconductor 1

Interconnect 1.5 meters Cinch. Nice condition. No packaging.

Retail new: 559 euro. Now: 225 euro. 190 euro.

JPS Labs Superconductor 2

Interconnect 1.0 meters Cinch. Used but fair condition.

Retail new: 1043 euro. Now: 415 euro. 375 euro.

* 1 pair available *

JPS Labs Digital AC

Powercord. 2.0 meters. Schuko. Used but fair condition. Complete with JPS package and leaflet.

Retail new: 521 euro. Now: 225 euro. 190 euro.

JPS Labs Analog AC

Powercord. 2.0 meters. Schuko. Used but fair condition. Complete with JPS package and leaflet.

Retail new: 521 euro. Now: 225 euro. 190 euro.