Callas-Audio vertegenwoordigt Aurorasound voor Nederland.

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Aurorasound HFSA-01 : 4550 euro.

A great example of minimalism in the spirit of Zen combined with modern solutions. For us, a bright red RED FINGERPRINT award. High-Fidelity June 2023

Critic's Applause 2023 -Best buy- Audio Excellent Award 2024
Stereosound Japan

This amplifier really has a sense of music, fast, balanced from bass to treble with wide dynamic contrasts, magnificent timbres rich in details and a three-dimensional scene, the Aurorasound integrated amplifier now becomes an essential. This is the "Best buy of the year 2023"
HIFI-Review HK - August 2023

Although the output power of the amplifier is modest, it is full of expressiveness and can vividly reproduce all styles of music, which is surprising. He is as impressive in the rendition of instruments as he is of all kinds of vocal works with rich, textured expression. Hard to resist.
Audio Technique HK - October 2023

It's detailed, nuanced, balanced, open and low noise. Transparency, nuance and liveliness reach incredible levels. This results in an expressiveness that we often seek elsewhere, in vain, on more ambitious electronics.
Diapason France

This Aurorasound op-amp/tube circuit truly combines the best of solid-state punch and bass with the punchy liquidity and space of EL84 tubes in the mids and highs, resulting in a crisp, spacious, punchy sound that occurs in expansive spaces that suggest "purist" tubes or much more expensive solid-state amps...
David Abramson - The StereoTimes (August 2023)

I can't sing the praises of the Aurorasound HFSA-01 loud enough to anyone looking for an integrated amp that will feed your love of music with endless enjoyment.
Twittering machine -Favorite amplifier- August 2023

To begin with, don't be fooled by the advertised power! Once connected, the Aurorasound HFSA-01 integrated amplifier surprises with its ability to drive speakers with disconcerting ease. From the start, in order to push it to its limits, we associated it with a pair of speakers that were totally oversized for it or so we thought (3-voice column, 4 Ohms/88 dB, > 9000 euros). We were totally captivated by the quality of reproduction and the ease demonstrated by the HFSA-01.

Clearly the medium is sublime in its transparency and neutrality. It offers unusual realism on voices. The restitution is teeming with details and nuances. The top of the spectrum is also particularly successful and perfectly integrated with the rest of the spectrum. The treble goes very high with surprising softness and finesse. This register is very close to what we find on certain very high-end electronics with tubes. What about the serious!? It is superb in its articulation and precision while remaining very organic. The dynamics are surprising and even unexpected given the power announced!

The whole thing enjoys a balance and an elegance that few electronics currently can claim. You can listen to it for hours without any weariness or fatigue. It infuses music with that extra soul that is often lacking in many high-end electronics. We also notice that he seems to demonstrate a certain "joyfulness" which gives full meaning to the much sought-after "musicality". This integrated is one of the best that I have had the opportunity to listen to to date.

This amp reconciled me with the EL84 in Hi-Fi use, even if I have always appreciated these tubes for their dynamics and clarity in a guitar amp for example! How is it possible to get so much music out of such a small hit?
We also note an advantage, the retubing of this Aurorasound amplifier will be very economical (around 120 euros for 4 paired tubes). We only know of one competitor and it is also Japanese, but the latter is certainly less neutral and does not offer a phono input. The HFSA-01 hybrid integrated amplifier is certainly the best quality/price/music ratio that you can buy! Well done again Mr Shinobu Karaki! Our favorite!
Maplatine - France

Barely 10 minutes to fall in love with the musicality of this integrated! The experience is great, lively, joyful.
What success, what enthusiasm, what dynamism, what fervor, what beauty! Thank you AuroraSound.
Magic mastering - France

It was an extremely captivating product that gave me a ton of pleasure per watt. Everything was harmonious with excellent clarity and a good dose of dynamics for such low power. The mids were sublime, and the highs were astonishingly crisp and fast.
Janine Elliot - HifiPig - October 2023

A big, beautiful, joyous dream that captivated me and made me happy every moment the music played. Overall, at €4550, the HFSA-01 is an incredible deal, and when I say incredible, I mean truly incredible. If you've ever had a itch to play 78 rpm records, or if you already have a collection of them but no way to play them properly, I can't think of any other built-in amplification option near the price of the Aurorasound
Michael Lavorgna - Twittering Machine October 2023

The Aurorasound HFSA-01 delivers pure musical performance and deserves a passionate recommendation and Award from Audiophilia.
Audiophilia Award October 2023

No one saw the HFSA-01 coming, brightness, punch, liveliness, the new baby from Aurorasound has not finished making people talk about it!
VUMeter - December 2023

Aurorasound has nothing in common with similar constructions. How did S. Karaki manage to create a universal amplifier based on the EL84, which plays impressively, with dynamics at all ends of the range - I have no idea. The resolution and clarity are completely out of the ordinary but from the first seconds it is the spectacular space which attracts the attention well beyond the framework of the speakers and captivating the listener. I will immediately test every next product he releases because he really knows his stuff and his sound design is engaging and captivating.
Hifi i muzyka - Poland

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