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La Platine

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La Platine Magnum

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We have added this section because of regular interest and repeating questions about the Callas Platine Modkit. We have since long sold all samples, and have no intention for renewed production, it took us some 2 years to produce all 20 kits in one batch. The documents are now for information purpose and maybe the reader finds helpfull topics and some inspiration.

La Platine tips and tweaks PDF

Callas Platine modkit introduction

Callas Platine modkit manual

Callas Platine modkit review





The Callas Modkit Prototype around 2000.

One sample of the 20 kits we sold through the years.

The bearing assembly.

The much discussed gap, here a pre 2006 sample. Very early samples can have even tighter gap.

And a post 2006 sample. A different manufacturer producing stronger magnets.


JCV Laboratoire also produced a Loudspeaker..

La Platine prototype. Notice the AC motor is placed very close to the spindle. There is even a cut-out made in the plinth. There is a reason for that, the closer they are, the shorter the belt, the lower the speed deviation. Have a look at the early Kuzma XL; it resembles most of La Platine prototype design principles, and in it's latest version the XL now has.... Magnets.

An original 'Granito' has the silver zinc-chromate finish.

The mounting base of the first batch 'Granito' was cast in the base and the actual bearing was mounted on top. The early spindle has still the trust-washer. The ball was introduced later.

An obscurity; the MC Pre Pre. No Tubes!

Another nice catch; the 'Gold Series' 2A3 integrated.