Simon York Zarathustra

Refurbishing of the base

The Zarathustra model is an early Simon York design. The owner of this particular example came in with the question for a possible respray of the base. The original paint showed severe hairlines and even crackings. Unfortunately no before picture has been taken.

After the paint remover session and some sanding.

With the removal of the paint a quite medium quality wood laminate showed up. This is Pinewood which has a high natural rosin. This wood is by preference to be used outdoors. Pinewood is only to be impregnated, and painting is a less good idea. The piece had also some gaps by woodcrimp and some fillings which show a medium quality selection.

One of the options was to fabricate a whole new base, and select A1 quality. The owner however choose an intermediate solution as suggested. The piece was sanded, degreased and dried. After this we applied an Epoxy layer to be followed by a 200 Grams Carbonfiber layer. The side was decided to be painted in a metallic grey color, resembling the original looks.

This is an time consuming process with a drying time of one day between every stage. There are at least three layers of Epoxy needed. With any dry sanding and cutting on Carbon fibre high caution must be taken; Carbonfiber particles which get into the lungs will result in cancer long term. Carbon fibre must be treated like Asbestos and so wet sanding and cutting is highly recommended.

All preparations are -as always- the biggest part of the job. Wet sanding with 600 grit.

The side sprayed with grey primer. To Be Continued.

Photography on black objects is never easy, but still a nice impression here. This is a sandwich construction, both top and bottom have the Carbon layer applied. Some 10+ hours of labour done, and the endresult is quite pleasing.