The Callas Recordclamp.


Pedestal (+155 mm) for the Kharma Exquisite Mini

Callas Puck for the 47Labs drive.

The Callas Diva

Made out of authentic cast bell bronze

Callas Bamboo Carbon

African Blackwood / Pokwood armboard, 10 year dried samples

African Blackwood adjustable armboard for the Airtangent arm

Callas Bamboo loudspeaker stands

African Blackwood / Pokwood armboard 10 year dried samples

Platine armboard out of African Blackwood / Purpleheart

African Blackwood armboard for the Kuzma arm

Red Stinkwood armboard for the Nottingham arm

Reworked Cerapucks for VerityAudio

African Blackbird

Ebony Carbon

Callas Magic Bricks

African Blackwood / Pokwood armboard for the Schröder Reference arm.

Let's go analog!

Callas Magic Bricks

Authentic Japanese ZEN Singing Bowls

Callas-Audio Hybrids -Good luck to all copycats.

Callas Bamboo Soundboards for NAT Transmitter

Callas Bamboo Audiorack / Ampstand

Callas Bamboo Carbon Soundboard for Air Tight 211

22 Watts is nice

Callas Bamboo Soundboard for Gryphon Encore

500 Watts is nice too

Callas Bamboo Soundboard with Birdseye Maple for La Belle Maîtresse