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Welcome to Callas-Audio

Callas-Audio was started in 1998 and is based on the 'wohnraumstudio' concept. That was a rebellious action in the Netherlands at the time, and with that we were one of the forerunners. A lot has changed in 22 years, and in the year 2020 the wohnraumstudio dealer and the direct-sales model have become commonplace. Callas-Audio represents brands that convey the message of music:

These brands don't have large advertising campaigns and don't spend tons on marketing. The products originated from a personal quest for excellence and have a long history. A musical experience at home is mainly about the essence; Phase accuracy, Time domain and Coherence are of great importance for long-term music enjoyment. The brands we carry offer intrinsic qualities, but have one common denominator: Keep It Simple. Callas-Audio has a number of branches on the tree:

Tubes4sale Recordclamp Audioccasion

We offer a large selection electron tubes on the Tubes4sale page. We have been producing audio racks, soundboards and various accessories for about 25 years now, and the Callas Recordclamp is also a popular creation. Since a couple of years there is also a supply of occasions and this branch now has a new domain name: Callas-Audioccasion.
Callas-Audio has a well equipped workshop where repairs, restorations and modifications are also handled. The next page shows some specials. The Callas Acoustics page shows our listening room and the plan of acoustics optimization. The Callas Modkit was a long term project and these are sold out.

Callas Specials Callas Modkit Callas Acoustics

With a wink; don't expect a store with opening hours, billboards, counter and cash register.

See you soon: Rudolf R. Ploeger

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